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New Mandy Musgrave Interview

My online magazine recently interviewed Mandy Musgrave from the show "South of Nowhere." If you'd like to read our interview you can do so here:


Please feel free to let us know what you think! Please remember we do not allow anyone to post or take any content or clips from our interviews.

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So two episodes into the final season, and I am just not as thrilled with them as I hoped I would be.
I think part of me hoped they would fast forward somehow and tell us more, or show something else.
Now, here we are with just a few left and I just don't know what will really be shown.
I hope tomorrow's episode is at least a little better.

I don't know, maybe I'm the only one who thinks this way.

Yay and Boo

So SoN starts its last half of its final season on Oct 10, after Degrassi.
It is so bittersweet.

Still no word that the CW is slightly interested in picking up the show.  But then again, if 90210 doesn't do very well, the network may not survive.
So what does that leave?  I am very sad to say, probably nothing.

What do you think?
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Its a freakin miracle...
The N is actually showing reruns of South of Nowhere.
I am actually watching one right now.  Its been MONTHS since they have done that.

Edited to say:

There are more SoN episodes tomorrow, and it looks like they are trying to catch up from season one to 3b by showing reruns on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
I guess that is something. 

Why didn't I take french in high school???

Apparently, season 3b of SoN has been showing in France and they are already up to 316.
People have been posting clips and teasers on YouTube... Though I don't understand what they are saying (they are all dubbed in French) I get the idea of what is happening in most and can read some of their lips...
I warn you, if there is even a little tiny bit of the upcoming shows you don't want to see, don't click on any of these links.

Here are a few of my favorite:


If I told you the premise of a show... what would you think it was?

A show through the eyes of a teen girl, who has recently moved to LA from the midwest, with her controlling mom and adopted black brother and their dad. Her first day in high school shows she's not in her home town anymore...

Sound just a little familiar... If you said South of Nowhere you would be wrong.
Its the new 90210. 

Replace Glen with an alcoholic grandmother, and you pretty much have SoN. And they move from Kansas City instead of Ohio, but still.  Controlling mom, show through the eyes of the teen girl (wonder if there will be any lesbian storyline there eventually) and the adopted black brother.

No wonder the CW had no desire to pick up SoN, they pretty much have the premise with a different show.

I am just a little shocked.

Save SoN Sickam Show

From southon13:

So I'm doing a Save South Stickam Show. I have like 8 topics to go over. It's on August 22 at 8:00pm EST time. If you havea webcam you can join in my rant. Heres the site:

Also, I made a Save South myspace.

Getting off the ground

Trying to get the word around about the community.  Let anyone know who you think would be interested and maybe even people you would like to get watching the show for the first time.

Feel free to share links, pictures, and ideas about saving the show.
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